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Digital Digest with Geri Ellis – Digital Marketing Industry

By: Aakansha 7 Dec, 2017

This month’s Digital Digest is with the fabulous Geri Ellis. She is now the Chief Data and Technology Officer for…
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Meet Our New Recruits!

By: Aakansha 6 Dec, 2017

I bet you’ve already heard.. But if you live under a rock and haven’t heard the gossip floating around the…
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Digital Digest with Julie Rowe – Agency vs. Corporate

By: Aakansha 30 Oct, 2017

This month’s Digital Digest is with the incredible Julie Rowe. She is the General Manager – Digital Communication Services within…
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Yudoozy banner with a computer on a desk

Yudoozy connects skilled freelancers with vetted employers. No middleman, no commission, no bidding for jobs. Just your hourly rate, on your terms.
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The Razzbri Interns program with hand and pens on a desk

A platform where employers can interact with interns, students and graduates. We provide fresh talent with the opportunity to experience the practical working environment and capture talent before they hit the market.
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