Based in Auckland and Wellington, you’ll find us hunting for the best talent for roles across New Zealand.

We’ll fill any role with ‘digital’ in the job description, from graduates to directors, contract or permanent. We’ve also got internships covered, our intern database is chock full of fresh talent for you to look through for free as you are signed up as a client of ours.

While razzbri recruits for sales, marketing and executive roles too, our speciality is digital. Developers, designers, producers and marketing roles – we do it all and we’re good at it. If you’re after something a bit different, we can do that as well, it’s all about finding you the perfect fit.

We’re Savvy

We know our front end from our back end (developers, that is) and that C++ has nothing to do with homework grades. We speak your language.

We get you

Not everyone likes eighties’ ballads at full bore. Or tequila shots at lunch. We know that everyone’s different, so we consider culture fit carefully. This means getting to know our clients and candidates more intimately than the back of our warm, friendly handshakes.

We’re connected

We stay in constant contact with our wide range of clients in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. Our pool of talent is pretty impressive too, including our interns. Digital technology is our passion, so it’s a challenge but not a chore to keep up with the fast-moving industry trends.

We like happy endings

We try our darndest to get one for every candidate and client. Enough said.

We’re all about developing talent, so as well as finding you experienced candidates, we also offer an interns database so you can capture new grads before they hit the market. You’ll have access to the profiles of NZ’s best students, graduates and interns who are ready for their next challenge. Use any device to compare profiles and search for the skills you’re after – you can even save your favourites and re-book them directly!

We’ve got it all, when you need someone experienced, razzbri can cater for contract or permanent roles on a wide range of pay scales. Let us know what you’re looking for and we will find you a perfect fit.

“I discovered razzbri hunting on the Internet for work and haven’t looked back. They’re a stand-out recruitment agency. A great bunch of people with a top-notch understanding of the digital/design world.”

“razzbri places your interests first and are constantly looking after you. I recommend them to all job seekers looking for that exciting role. Once on their books you become a part of their talent pool, never forgotten!”

“I have been fortunate enough to have worked with razzbri for three years. I have always found them to be very professional, knowledgeable and reliable in how they approaches the recruitment process.”

“I personally have been very impressed with the service and candidates that razzbri has presented to us in Auckland. I have no doubt that razzbri recruitment will go from strength to strength within the industry.”

“The team at razzbri have been fantastic. Within three weeks of engaging their services they had found, placed and started a brilliant Designer with us and have a number of other candidates interviewing for various specialist positions.”