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NZ Sales & Marketing Jam – The Highlights #NZSMJ

By: Aakansha 4 Oct, 2017

Last week razzbri attended the Kiwi Landing Pad’s ‘Sales and Marketing Jam’, which is brought together every six months in…
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Digital Digest with Cassie Roma – Create Your Personal Brand

By: Aakansha 19 Sep, 2017

Welcome to our very first Digital Digest! This is  a new segment on our blog that you can expect to…
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What’s on, What’s HOT in the Auckland Digital Scene

By: Aakansha 11 Sep, 2017

The year is nearing the end and we welcome it with open arms! It brings longer, warmer and sunnier days….
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razzbri Interns is now live in beta!

By: Trudi 3 May, 2017

Hold your two minute noodles – razzbri Interns is now live in beta! We know that students need internships and…
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What is culture?

By: Trudi 11 Jan, 2017

What is culture? Too often it’s the subject of corporate bragging, incessant white noise about how these businesses are appearing…
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Foraging at Café Ruben

By: Trudi 21 May, 2016

Conveniently close to our office, Café Ruben’s coffee plays a significant part in the productivity of razzbri’s staff members. The…
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Catching a fix at Shaky Isles

By: Trudi 21 Mar, 2016

Our recruiters drink a lot of coffee. Not because they stay up til midnight watching Masterchef marathons, nor because they…
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