Digi Digest – Michelle Sokolich | “Next year 70% of all online content will be video”

By: Jessica and Gemma 26 Sep, 2018

Video content is now crucial for businesses today, it’s not only a great way to sell your brand but also to share your story to your customers. When you think about video you think you need a fancy camera, but it’s now easier than ever as everyone owns a smart phone and some of the best videos can be created on the go. “If you’re not doing video you’re going to be left behind” says Michelle Sokolich, Founder of Show & Tell. We sat down with her to find out why video is so crucial and how you can get started.

You’re the founder of Show & Tell, can you tell us about what you do and how you got to were you are now? 

I create video content for businesses for when you want something high end and professional to really elevate your brand, and I also run workshops for businesses to learn to create their own smartphone video.  After working in the TV industry for 15 years Producing and Directing I decided to start my own business.  I saw the way businesses communicate was changing and there was a real gap for video with a real focus on authentic storytelling and emotion.

On your website you say “Next year 70% of all online content will be video” – why do you think that is? 

It seems incredible doesn’t it?  But look at how video has evolved even over the last 2 or 3 years.  Video gets your attention in a busy online world, you can get so much more information across in video, and people are far more likely to remember it too.  Our attention spans are short and people want instant gratification! It’s also fantastic for creating connection and trust with potential customers or clients, and in this day and age people are craving connection. The tools now are also cheaper, easier and far more accessible for businesses

When did you discover your love for video? 

I’ve always loved filming and photography – I remember getting my first camera when I was 10.  About 6 years ago when DSLR’s became video capable it was a really exciting time because suddenly with a $5000 camera you could create beautiful images that previously would have required a $50,000 camera!!  It was a massive game changer and I was hooked.

What’s your favourite camera model?

I shoot on a Canon DSLR, it’s a 5D Mk4.  I love it!  But second to that is my iPhone – the quality of smartphones is phenomenal these days

Do you think video is crucial for businesses today? 

100% – if you’re not doing video you’re going to be left behind, it’s as simple as that.  There’s a great quote from a famous marketer Seth Godin that says ‘If you have connection and trust you’ll never have trouble making a living’.  Video is hands down one of the best ways to let people step into your world and (done well) can really create authentic connection and trust.  Also with social media the algorithms really favour video, so it’s a crucial way to get your business seen in a crowded online world

Do you need a fancy camera? What are the key tools for making a great video? 

A smartphone is really all you need these days – they are really advanced and can do a great job.  I would say to make a professional video vs something amateur there are 3 key elements.  Stability – a smartphone tripod is really handy. Lighting – the more light the better with smartphones.   And audio – a smartphone lapel mic can make all the difference, the microphones in the smartphones are the only part of the phone that isn’t advanced, they’re pretty bad quality!

If someone is new to video, how would you suggest they get started? 

It can be really overwhelming if you haven’t done much video before and you don’t know where to start.  I would suggest following people or businesses you see doing video well and think about what they’re doing, why it works and if you can replicate it in any way for your business.  There’s so much more than just recording something – you want to think about a strategy for what you want to film and how you’ll use it. But in saying that, a big part of it is just getting brave and jumping in – everyone has to start somewhere, and like any new skill you’ll continue to learn and grow the more you do it.  You can also come along to one of my workshops for beginners, I’m super passionate about teaching business owners the skills to DIY video!  It can and should be super quick and easy!


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