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Digital Digest with Georgia McGillivray – Influencer Marketing

By: Jessica and Gemma 22 Feb, 2018

Influencer Marketing has expanded exponentially over the past few years. We’ve seen the industry go from rising market tactic to an essential part of most marketing budgets. This month we were fortunate enough to sit down with the incredible Georgia McGillivray who is championing the Influencer market here in New Zealand. She is the Founder and CEO of The Social Club.

If you’re new to Influencer Marketing then in a nutshell, it is where brands identify individuals that have influence over potential buyers and orient marketing activities around these influencers. TSC works as a two-way online marketplace where brands can connect with social media influencers to collaborate on advertising campaigns. TSC holds over 4,500 influencers within its community working with over 350 local and global brands including Lion, Coca-Cola, M&M’s, Les Mills, BMW – just to name a few.

This blog details the brands growth and challenges as well as insight into the world of Influencer Marketing as a whole. I hope you learn a thing or two – happy reading 🙂


Where did the inspiration for TSC come from? Was there a “light bulb” moment?


We were working in creative & digital agencies in the U.S., U.K, & Australia and saw the rise of influencer marketing and how effective the campaigns could be, however there were so many pain points, barriers to entry and it was so time consuming to roll out a campaign. The NZ market was still very raw, so we saw the opportunity to come back here and build something that helped NZ brands reach millennials, and get a stronger return on their investment.


What is the biggest challenge in the Influencer market?


The biggest challenge has been that it is such a new market. A lot of our job is to set standards and educate the market on what an effective influencer campaign actually looks like, which is something we wouldn’t usually have to do if the market was more established.


What’s your favourite influencer campaign TSC has created and executed?


There are so many! We’ve done lots of awesome product launches, a few really cool auto campaigns, and most recently an amazing airline campaign which is going live as we speak.


You talk heavily about removing “pain points” from influencer campaigns to make them accessible – what are those pain points?


The five key pain points we identified are:

      • Finding the RIGHT influencer for your brand & campaign
      • Negotiating the influencers rates
      • Briefing the influencers
      • Approving the influencers content
      • Reporting on the campaign

Our platform removes all of these pain points but automating the process and setting guidelines and standards, making it super easy to run a campaign.


Do you think influencer marketing is becoming diluted with everyone with 1000+ followers claiming to be a influencer? Where is the line?


Not at all! The more influencers, the less diluted. When we see one influencer working with too many brands too closely together, or competitive brands, that’s when it becomes dilutive. The collaboration needs to be authentic. If there are more influencers, the brands have a stronger chance of finding an influencer who fits their brand values and genuinely likes the brand!


What is a example of a campaign with a good ROI and how do you measure ROI in Influencer Marketing?


All campaigns have different goals or KPIs e.g. brand awareness, website sales, website clicks, data collection, competition entries, social community growth. Recently we ran a campaign where the goal was active users on an app (not just app downloads), the industry standard CPA (cost per acquisition) or social is just over $18. For this campaign we generated a $0.36c CPA, and a $0.20c CPE (cost per engagement), which the brand was super stoked with.


You’ve had experience working in a few different countries before settling in NZ and starting TSC. How would you say Influencer Marketing differs in New Zealand to Australia to America?


Influencer marketing is much less mature market in NZ than overseas. The U.S. market is quite a few years ahead of us, with standards and processes in place and influencer marketing being a core part of every campaign. Influencer marketing can account for up to 30% of digital spend. We are playing catch up here in NZ, but over the last few years we have come a long way in terms of education from brands, agencies & influencers, in how this new medium differs from traditional forms of advertising.


What do you think the future has in store for TSC/ your future plans for TSC?


Right now we are focused on educating and growing the market in NZ, and improving the process to make it easy and accessible for anybody to run a campaign. We already work with lots of brands from overseas, and will grow into other underdeveloped markets when the time is right.


Who, if you have one, would you say is your muse?


I have a few, but if I had to pick it would be my parents, they have been entrepreneurs since way back and the life they built for our family has always been inspiring. They are so supportive of The Social Club and are a big part of our support network.


What is your least favourite food?


I really dislike raisins and celery in salads, by themselves they are fine but as soon as they’re put in a salad it’s another story!




A big thank you to Georgia for taking out the time to do this for us!Want to read more posts like this? Check out our previous Digital Digest with Brett Roberts here.