razzbri Interns is now live in beta!

By: Jessica and Gemma 3 May, 2017

Hold your two minute noodles – razzbri Interns is now live in beta!

We know that students need internships and employers need students… so we asked ourselves, why is there no easy way to connect students and employers?! We thought this was madness, so we have launched razzbri Interns, a talent database just for interns and grads.

Getting a foot in the door is hard enough for students, so we’ve made razzbri Interns super easy.

It’s simple, students sign up and create on-point profiles for employers to look through. Employers can then directly contact their fav students, or post an internship that students can register their interest for.

Scoring an internship is a great way for students to start their career, especially in the creative and digital industries where a degree is nice, but work experience is key. An internship is more than just work experience though, it’s a chance to build industry connections and start networking – which is crucial for digital grads. You never know when that friend from your old office could help you land your next contract or introduce you to your new boss.

A lot of people wait till after they graduate to intern and start building a network, but we reckon it’s never too early to start interning. Though you might still be pulling all-nighters and skipping 8am lectures, there’s always time to build your skills and get your name out there. Applying what you’ve learnt in those long lectures to the real world is truly invaluable, it says to employers ‘hey, I can do more than write an essay’. We’re sure your essays are a thrilling read, but being able to code or write a marketing brief is much more useful on your CV.

Given all the pros of interning, what are you waiting for? Get your butt over to our sign-up page and get started on a kick-ass profile. We promise our internships are more exciting than any burger-flipping job you’ve had!